News about the Solverse & Mergenomics

All 1111 Scenes are now up to browse at!

What we’re trying to do

At Infinity Labs we have attempted to build the most ambitious deflationary art project on the blockchain, powered by Solana. Alongside 1111 beautiful art pieces that we’ve already revealed across 8 timelines, we aim to work on:

  • 1111 different animated scenes as a result of merging
  • Up to 8888 possible stories
  • Accompanying sound / music scores for select scenes
  • Releasing the ability to merge NFT timelines together to unlock animated, evolving artwork
  • Gaining 20,000+ new Solverse friends on twitter and discord!
  • Reaching 100k+ SOL volume on Solanart (currently the #1 marketplace on Solana)
  • Helping infinity holders find and bid on other timelines with Alpha Art and FTX listings
  • Partnering with Metaplex Studios (creators of Fair Launch Protocol, Candy Machine) on their first ever fusion contract
  • Weekly scene airdropping to infinity holders + collaborating across the ecosystem
  • Celebrating community-driven storytelling: 1000+ lore submissions!

Why are we doing this?

We know this isn’t your average collection.

Mergenomics and How it works

We’re excited to be the first official partners with Metaplex Studios, creators of Candy Machine and the Fair Launch Protocol, on their first ever Fusion Contract.

What is the Fusion Contract?

What are examples of fused / merged scenes?

Below is a video we posted on twitter of evolving artwork as a result of merged scenes:

How will merging happen?

You can merge anywhere between 2–8 timelines of the same scene together. The more timeline merges, the rarer the NFT.

A screenshot of which has helped many community members find matching timelines, created by community member K00N!

Stages of Artwork

To unlock the second stage of artwork, you’ll need four timelines of the same scene. Fully-merged scenes would result from all 8 timelines of the same scene merged together. This means that there are a total of 3 evolutions for each of the 1111 scenes: one at 2 timelines merged, the second at 4 timelines merged, and the final evolution at 8 timelines merged.


Merging introduces rarity into the collection: the more timelines merged, the rarer the NFT.


Up to 8 timelines from each scene can have their own unique lore.

Lost Timelines

We might have lost timelines. It could be archived in a “Lost Timelines” section of our site, and could potentially come into play later in the Solverse.


Every week leading up to the first stage of merging, we will be airdropping 5 different Scenes from the Solverse to infinity holders. To learn how to enter, see the #announcements channel in our discord for our raffle system that rewards scene collectors.

What’s Next & Merging Timelines

We’re continuing to build and execute first-of-its-kind merging as our first priority.



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