News about the Solverse & Mergenomics

Dear explorer,

We’re excited to see you here! So much has happened in the Solverse, and we’re excited to bring you more news.

All 1111 Scenes are now up to browse at!

What we’re trying to do

At Infinity Labs we have attempted to build the most ambitious deflationary art project on the blockchain, powered by Solana. Alongside 1111 beautiful art pieces that we’ve already revealed across 8 timelines, we aim to work on:

  • 1111 different animated scenes as a result of merging
  • Up to 8888 possible stories
  • Accompanying sound / music scores for select scenes
  • Releasing the ability to merge NFT timelines together to unlock animated, evolving artwork

We launched a couple weeks ago and so far we’ve minted 8888 pieces — 1111 unique artworks across 8 timelines — and gathered over 1000 subsequent community-driven stories & developed over 1000 scene animations.

We’ve also made strategic partnerships and collaborations across the ecosystem to make this possible, alongside:

  • Gaining 20,000+ new Solverse friends on twitter and discord!
  • Reaching 100k+ SOL volume on Solanart (currently the #1 marketplace on Solana)
  • Helping infinity holders find and bid on other timelines with Alpha Art and FTX listings
  • Partnering with Metaplex Studios (creators of Fair Launch Protocol, Candy Machine) on their first ever fusion contract
  • Weekly scene airdropping to infinity holders + collaborating across the ecosystem
  • Celebrating community-driven storytelling: 1000+ lore submissions!

Eventually, 8888 Scenes from the Solverse can come down to 1111 extremely rare and unique scenes, as timelines merge to unlock fully-realized NFTs.

Why are we doing this?

We know this isn’t your average collection.

Scenes from the Solverse is a pure passion project that was started during the height of the pandemic, when one of our founders was diagnosed with a rare illness.

To escape their own reality, they started dreaming up their own. What you’re seeing in this collection is the result of thousands of unique pieces, animations, and stories assigned to each NFT inspired from a mind dreaming of a beautiful new world.

This world will forever be etched onto the blockchain.

Our Co-Founder, Eve, is scheduled to be talking more about this on an upcoming podcast with the Chief Investment Officer at Metaplex Studios. Stay tuned!

Mergenomics and How it works

We’re excited to be the first official partners with Metaplex Studios, creators of Candy Machine and the Fair Launch Protocol, on their first ever Fusion Contract.

What is the Fusion Contract?

The Fusion Contract allows for the creation of flexible formulas for burning or validating ownership of multiple tokens/NFTs, which will output a new token(s)/NFT(s).

We will be using the Fusion Contract to execute first-of-its kind scene merging.

What are examples of fused / merged scenes?

Below is a video we posted on twitter of evolving artwork as a result of merged scenes:

How will merging happen?

You can merge anywhere between 2–8 timelines of the same scene together. The more timeline merges, the rarer the NFT.

For stage one of merging, you’ll need at least 2 timelines of the same scene. For example, below are two timelines of Scene #0046:

You can search for matching timelines of scenes on all the marketplaces we’re listed on: Magic Eden, Solanart, Alpha Art (You can make bids on both listed and unlisted infinity pieces) and FTX (You can purchase scenes with fiat currency).

You can also check out this great community-made tool, Scene Sniper, to find matching timelines of the same scene across marketplaces!

A screenshot of which has helped many community members find matching timelines, created by community member K00N!

When merging goes live, you’ll be able to go to our website,, to complete your merge.

After completing your merge, your two timelines will become one, and you will receive a newly fused NFT with evolved artwork, your choice of pre-written lore, and an updated metadata attribute called “timelines merged”. For example, if you merged 2 timelines, the “timelines merged” attribute will equal “2”. The more timelines you’ve merged, the rarer the NFT, and the more evolved the artwork gets.

Merging two timelines of the same scene unlocks the first stage of evolving artwork. Below is a video preview result of two timelines merged:

Stages of Artwork

To unlock the second stage of artwork, you’ll need four timelines of the same scene. Fully-merged scenes would result from all 8 timelines of the same scene merged together. This means that there are a total of 3 evolutions for each of the 1111 scenes: one at 2 timelines merged, the second at 4 timelines merged, and the final evolution at 8 timelines merged.

Remember, you can still merge together anywhere between 2–8 timelines.

There is currently no formal deadline to merge scenes at any stage of merging. Attaining and merging all 8 timelines of a scene is the ultimate achievement in the Solverse.

We’re excited to surprise you with artwork as we slowly release more sneak peeks approaching the first stage of merging.


Merging introduces rarity into the collection: the more timelines merged, the rarer the NFT.

Outside of the “timelines merged” attribute, rarity is in the eye of the beholder.

Lore can also have an impact on rarity, as some lore will move on to the next phase of merging, while others will become a part of “Lost Timelines” (more information on Lost Timelines under “Lore” below).


Up to 8 timelines from each scene can have their own unique lore.

So far, we have over 1000 community submissions, and some completed timelines from collaborations across the Solana NFT Ecosystem.

Want to contribute lore for a scene, or a scene that you own? Fill in this short form to submit! You can also enter your wallet address (optional) to be eligible for lore contribution raffles and prizes.

Below is a video highlighting the fragments of history (8 timelines) that were discovered again in Scene #1066, thanks to Kaiju Cards and the Solverse Community:

Lost Timelines

We might have lost timelines. It could be archived in a “Lost Timelines” section of our site, and could potentially come into play later in the Solverse.


Every week leading up to the first stage of merging, we will be airdropping 5 different Scenes from the Solverse to infinity holders. To learn how to enter, see the #announcements channel in our discord for our raffle system that rewards scene collectors.

We’ll also be partnering with other projects in the ecosystem to provide additional value to our community as well as conducting more giveaways!

What’s Next & Merging Timelines

We’re continuing to build and execute first-of-its-kind merging as our first priority.

Our goal is to have the first stage of merging (the ability to merge any 2 timelines of the same scene) available to the public at the end of November, 2021. We are aiming to release subsequent stages of merging in 2022. This newly proposed “staged merging” development schedule is our effort to release this first-of-its-kind engineering and artistic breakthrough as soon as possible to our community.

Have a beautiful and inspired day as always, friends!

Much love,

— The Infinity Team



Creators of "Scenes of the Solverse" on Solana blockchain.

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