New in the Solverse: 8 Official Scene Types, Rarities, Dynamic Star System Overlays + Streamlined Royalties

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In a previous blog post, we covered our new builder community, the introduction of creator grants, and visions for expanding the Infinity Universe. We also launched our first explorer quest with a 3D airdrop in the end based on community lore.

3D airdrop of Scene # 1064 at the end of the first Infinity Quest

Today, we’re excited to launch three major infrastructure updates and streamlined royalties in the Solverse that support our vision of building the Infinity Extended Universe.

By the end of this post, you’ll learn about:

Let’s dive in ⬇️

1. The 8 Official Scene Types

Previously, you needed to be familiar with the entire collection on to know what kind of scenes you see and collect. It was also unofficial, based on shared community descriptions.

With the introduction of Official Scene Types, we’ve made it easier than ever to collect your favorite scenes, create sub-communities, and build on top of the collection.

Over months, the team determined official scene types and went through the thousands of lore submissions to determine 8 distinct categories: Creatures, Events, Plant Life, Magical Items, Celestial Beings, Cosmos, Landmarks and Landscapes.

A graphic of the 8 Official Scene types: Creatures, Events, Plant Life, Magical Items, Celestial Beings, Cosmos, Landmarks and Landscapes

Each of the 1111 Scenes from the Solverse now have official types reflected in the “type” attribute in your NFT. To view your scene’s type, look up your NFT in your Phantom Wallet or on Solana Explorer.

Why introduce official scene categories?

2. Official Rarities

Now that we have 8 Official Scene Types, there are now rarities for these scenes based on their types.

Below is a breakdown of quantities for each of the scene types:

Of the 1111 unique scenes across 8 timelines, there are 37/1111 creatures, 62/1111 events, 68/1111 plant life, 106/1111 magical items, 28/1111 celestial beings, 84/1111 cosmos, 538/1111 landmarks and 188/1111 landscapes.

This means that based on scene type, the most rare scenes (via occurrence) are the following, from most common to most rare:

Celestial beings and creatures are the most rare.

Merging scenes can also make your scenes more rare: the more timelines merged, the more rare your scene becomes.

In the future, we aim to have rarity charts available for easier viewing.

Why point this out?

Infinity Community Members old and new have asked about rarity since the genesis of the collection. Previously, only hardcore Infinity fans would know relatively how rare a scene is based on their knowledge of the entire 1111-scene collection. With the introduction of the 8 Official Scene Types, this once implicit rarity is now explicit to help the masses get to know the Solverse better.

3. New Dynamic Infinity Scene Overlays + Star System

Animation of an example star system overlay with 4 timelines merged (1 gold star per 2 timelines merged, 4T = 4 timelines merged together)

The star system overlay comes as one of the most highly requested features, whether you find a scene on twitter and want to know what scene number it is, or want to quickly see if a scene has reached 2 timelines merged or not on your favorite marketplace.

We’ve made it easy to recognize 1) infinity work and 2) merged / unmerged scenes on marketplaces and aggregators. We’ve done this by creating a star-system overlay on all scenes to easily indicate a scene’s timeline rarity without reading its title or attributes:

A legend breaking down each component of the Star System overlay: Infinity Labs Branding, Scene #, # of Timelines Merged, Timeline Rarity Indicator (1 Gold Star per 2 Timelines Merged)

We’ve tested dozens of designs, including 3, 4, and 8 star systems, alternative indicators, and more. Our goal was to have a simple design that:

What happens if I merge 3, 5 or 7 timelines?

In the case of merging 3, 5, and 7 timelines, they’ll have the same number of stars as 2, 4, and 6 timelines respectively. This puts greater emphasis on reaching the next significant stages of merging (2, 4, 6, 8).

The 8 different overlay possibilities by number of timelines in the scene (from 0 stars with 1 timeline to 4 stars with 8 timelines)

The explicit number of timelines is updated in both the thumbnail and in the metadata/attributes, which is searchable across marketplaces and applications.

You’ll always be able to know how many timelines are merged in each scene from both the visual overlay and the attributes data.

Solving Marketplace Preview Problems

Scenes with more timelines merged in it are more rare. 2 timelines merged also contains an animation. Currently, however, marketplaces and other platforms don’t support auto-playing animated video scenes when browsing. This means that most end-users won’t know it’s a rarer and animated scene until they click on the NFT, press a hidden “play” button to play the animation, see that the title has “2-Timelines” in it, and/or search for the timelinesMerged=2 attribute.

Overlays are dynamically generated for lighter and dark scenes, and update as you merge

We also took the time to algorithmically generate these scene overlays based on the brightness of underlying scenes. Scenes that are bright have darker overlays and vice versa.

When you merge, your overlay graphic will automatically update.

Kudos to our engineering team for making this happen!

Streamlined Project Royalties

In this metadata update, we’ve also streamlined all NFT royalties in the Scenes from the Solverse collection to have the same artist royalties. Previously, scenes had 8.88% and 5% artist royalties for merged and unmerged scenes in the same collection, respectively. With everything in the Solverse happening in eights, we’ve decided to update them all to 8.88%.

This will help community initiatives such as the Infinity Grants program and Infinity Builder Community, with the additional 3.88% royalties going towards funding additional creator grants. If you haven’t already applied for July’s $1k grants, check it out in our previous blog post.

In Conclusion

We’ve introduced 8 Official Scene Types, Rarities and Dynamic Star System Overlays and more. You can view all of these changes mentioned above in Phantom Wallet and on Solana Explorer today!

Over time, they will also be reflected on marketplaces, aggregators and rarity tools, including Magic Eden.

Scene #0406 | Timeline #6 — Plant Life on Magic Eden

If you have a suggestion for a tool, aggregator and/or marketplace to be updated or listed on, head over to our discord and enter it in the #feedback-ideas channel or file a ticket for the team to view.

Bonus: $1k Creator Grants

If the introduction of rarities and scene types inspired you to create, build or organize something, check out and apply for July’s $1k creator grants!

We support and welcome new ideas and proposals, whether you’re a builder, creator or learner of any type.

All you have to do is join our Infinity Builder Community and fill in this short proposal form (Due July 26!)

That’s all for now, explorers. More updates to come soon.

To infinity ♾



Creators of "Scenes of the Solverse" on Solana blockchain.

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