New in the Solverse: 8 Official Scene Types, Rarities, Dynamic Star System Overlays + Streamlined Royalties

3D airdrop of Scene # 1064 at the end of the first Infinity Quest
  1. 8 Official Scene Types for all 8000+ pieces: Creatures, Events, Plant Life, Magical Items, Celestial Beings, Cosmos, Landmarks and Landscapes. Easily collect your favorite scenes, create sub-communities, and build on top of the collection with the introduction of the official “type” attribute.
  2. Official Rarities — Infinity Community Members old and new have asked about rarity since the genesis of the collection. With the introduction of the 8 Official Scene Types, this once implicit rarity is now explicit to help the masses get to know the Solverse better.
  3. Dynamic Infinity Scene Overlays: Star System & More — Stars now appear in the bottom-right of your scene based on the number of timelines merged in it. We also added additional details in the attributes of each NFT and title. This star system is inspired by real-world collectibles and dynamically updates as you merge. The overlay also includes additional information, like the Scene Number so someone who sees your scene can look up which one it is.
  4. Streamlined Project Royalties — We’ve updated all artist royalties to be the same percentage. We’ll be contributing to additional creator grants as well as the infinity builder community.

1. The 8 Official Scene Types

Over months, the team determined official scene types and went through the thousands of lore submissions to determine 8 distinct categories: Creatures, Events, Plant Life, Magical Items, Celestial Beings, Cosmos, Landmarks and Landscapes.

A graphic of the 8 Official Scene types: Creatures, Events, Plant Life, Magical Items, Celestial Beings, Cosmos, Landmarks and Landscapes

Why introduce official scene categories?

  1. In the past, groups gathered around implicit scene types, such as collectors of magical creatures, magical items, landscapes and more. Now that these types are official, community members can better self-organize.
  2. Having official scene categories makes it easier for builders to create on top of the Infinity Ecosystem, scrape our metadata and more, including the internal dev team. We might experiment with introducing some additional fun for holders of certain scene types!
  3. Introducing a new “type” attribute now adds official rarity to scenes that only existed implicitly before (more info in the next “Official Rarities” section).

2. Official Rarities

Of the 1111 unique scenes across 8 timelines, there are 37/1111 creatures, 62/1111 events, 68/1111 plant life, 106/1111 magical items, 28/1111 celestial beings, 84/1111 cosmos, 538/1111 landmarks and 188/1111 landscapes.
Celestial beings and creatures are the most rare.

Why point this out?

3. New Dynamic Infinity Scene Overlays + Star System

Animation of an example star system overlay with 4 timelines merged (1 gold star per 2 timelines merged, 4T = 4 timelines merged together)

The star system overlay comes as one of the most highly requested features, whether you find a scene on twitter and want to know what scene number it is, or want to quickly see if a scene has reached 2 timelines merged or not on your favorite marketplace.

A legend breaking down each component of the Star System overlay: Infinity Labs Branding, Scene #, # of Timelines Merged, Timeline Rarity Indicator (1 Gold Star per 2 Timelines Merged)
  • Is simple and uncluttered: Didn’t take away from the art of the scene.
  • Contained useful additional context: A collector can trace additional information to the NFT via thumbnail (scene number, number of timelines in the scene, rough stage of merging), and learn more via the NFT attributes.
  • Incentivizes collectors to focus on timeline merges 2, 4, 6, and 8: These merging stages are either unique scene evolutions (e.g an animation) or are significant milestones that are cleanly divisible by 100 (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% completed respectively).

What happens if I merge 3, 5 or 7 timelines?

The 8 different overlay possibilities by number of timelines in the scene (from 0 stars with 1 timeline to 4 stars with 8 timelines)

You’ll always be able to know how many timelines are merged in each scene from both the visual overlay and the attributes data.

Solving Marketplace Preview Problems

Overlays are dynamically generated for lighter and dark scenes, and update as you merge

When you merge, your overlay graphic will automatically update.

Streamlined Project Royalties

In Conclusion

Scene #0406 | Timeline #6 — Plant Life on Magic Eden

Bonus: $1k Creator Grants



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