Introducing the Infinity Builder Community + Grants

Infinity Builder Community + Grants Launch Video

Hey explorer, we’re super excited to announce: The Infinity Builder Community + Infinity Grants! 🚀

If you’re a creator or builder, this one’s for you.

There are so many talented people in the Infinity Labs community. So, we’ve decided to carve out a hub specifically for you.

That’s right, a whole new space dedicated for you, and to help create lasting connections. No discord here.

Join the community here and bookmark the link:

For the month of July, we’re also giving out $10,000 USDC (10 x $1000) grants to those who want to build things in our ecosystem, and help you connect with other creators and builders from around the world (or around the Solverse 😉)

You must join the builder community to be eligible for a grant. We also review applications on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit, the better! You can also edit your submission up until the deadline.

Infinity Labs is a unique project in the NFT ecosystem. Where as most projects start out with releasing a profile picture collection and try to build an expanded world/universe afterwards (often restricted to a specific animal or being), Infinity started out with an extended universe to begin with: 1111 different scenes of creatures, landscapes, plant life, magical items, celestial beings and more across 8 timelines.

Many things in the Solverse happens in eights. 8 = infinity sideways.

Having this unique foundation leaves room for endless possibilities for things that can be built on top of it, from the original Scenes from the Solverse collection to beyond. This is a place you can use to collaborate!

The released Infinity Labs collection is like a crowdsourced metaverse.

Our founder, Eve, built the original Infinity Labs collection while battling cancer. She turned that darkness into light by creating art, stories and worlds to share with you all. A bit more on her backstory in the first section of our previous blogpost, “Building to Outlive Us”.

Early draft screenshot from an internal & growing 22-page document on brand

In the early days we organically received over 2000 submissions of lore for Infinity Scenes, and we’ll soon be updating original scenes with new metadata to create official scene categories to support this initiative and beyond.

More on the metadata update and brand in a future blog post.

Easily browse members, update your profile, add social links & find connections around your interests & area!
Optionally add more context to your profile to help find like-minded people based on common interests and those who are a part of the same NFT communities

Whether you’re an artist, developer, gamer, events coordinator, writer, educator, an enthusiast, a creative / builder of any kind, or you’re just looking to learn + help, you’re welcome here in the Infinity Builder Community.

You can join the network by clicking on the “Join Us” button at

The “Join Us” button on!

Please note that joining the builder community is mandatory to be considered for a grant.

To apply for a grant, you just need to join the Infinity Builders Community and you’ll find the form in the Welcome Post!

Individuals and teams are welcome to apply.

No worries, request to join our community of Infinity Builders here and start discussing your ideas and meet potential collaborators.

You might even make a life-long friendship or two!

  • Applications open: July 11, 2022.
  • Application deadline: July 26, 2022 @ 11:59PM EST.
  • Announcement of Winners: July 30th, 2022.
  • Program starts: July 31st, Sunday.

We’re excited to welcome you. Good luck to those applying for grants!

-The Infinity Team

Check out our official announcement tweet



Creators of "Scenes of the Solverse" on Solana blockchain.

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