Introducing the Infinity Builder Community + Grants

Infinity Builder Community + Grants Launch Video

Live now: An Official Infinity Builder Community Hub

That’s right, a whole new space dedicated for you, and to help create lasting connections. No discord here.

Join the community here and bookmark the link:

Apply today: Infinity Grants

Why are we doing this?

Many things in the Solverse happens in eights. 8 = infinity sideways.

A Unique Foundation to Build on top of

A Crowdsourced Metaverse

Early draft screenshot from an internal & growing 22-page document on brand

Building a Place for Creators

Easily browse members, update your profile, add social links & find connections around your interests & area!
Optionally add more context to your profile to help find like-minded people based on common interests and those who are a part of the same NFT communities

How to Join

The “Join Us” button on!

Grant Application Details

Don’t have a team or a formal proposal idea?

Important dates

Infinity Labs Links

Check out our official announcement tweet



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Infinity Labs NFT

Infinity Labs NFT

Creators of "Scenes of the Solverse" on Solana blockchain.