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Dear explorer,

What is Scenes of the Solverse?

Where did this idea come from?


Phase 1

  • Mint — 8888 beautiful scenes from every corner of the Solverse will be released (1111 unique artworks, 8 different possible timelines). From creatures, to celestial items and beings, plant life, landmarks, and more.
  • Secondary Market — Post-mint, we’ll be releasing on Solanart so you can purchase and sell other scenes with others.

Phase 2

  • Community Driven Lore — We’ve written lore for one timeline, now you, the community, can have the power to etch what happens in the other timelines onto the blockchain.
  • Partnerships — In the past we’ve created pieces inspired by beloved Solana projects, such as this piece from Cyber Samurai.
  • We hope to allow the opportunity for people to be able to etch their own stories, inspired by their favorite NFTs, onto the Solana blockchain.

Phase 3

  • Metaverse Merge — Collect and hold on to your favorite scenes. If you have at least two timelines of the same scene, you’ll be able to merge them together to create a new and rarer piece.
  • As the owner, you get to choose which of your timelines stay, and which disappear.
  • Eventually, there can only exist a single 1111-piece timeline as determined by you, the community. This means that eventually, the collection can contain only 1111 fully-realized NFTs.
  • Tracking Tools — We’ll also be looking at how to improve metaverse merging, via partnerships and other means, as well as creating discord channels to trade scenes and timelines.



Creators of "Scenes of the Solverse" on Solana blockchain.

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