Infinity Labs: Building to outlive us

My Founding Story

From the team: Why we’re named “Infinity Labs”

Scene #0020 — 2 timelines merged

Infinity Labs Today

  • We launched a record-breaking sold out collection of 8888 Scene NFTs across 8 different timelines.
  • We became a top 10 collection of all time by total volume.
  • Grew the infinity community to 40,000 people from around the world across platforms.
  • Received 2500+ pieces of lore submitted by explorers around the world, effectively creating the first crowdsourced metaverse on web3 alongside the development of an entire wikipedia (in progress) and Reddit of the ever-expanding Solverse.
  • Gave away over 1111 out of 8888 Solverse Scene NFTs to our community for free, and continue to give away scenes over time.
  • Endless partnerships, collabs and giveaways for our community, including with Justin Kan’s (Founder of Twitch) Fractal, where our our lead engineer Chief helped them launch a record-breaking airdrop as an Official Partner (builders ❤ builders)!
  • Built and launched the first ever animated merging on the chain, which has never been done before, a month ahead of schedule. 700+ Scenes have been discovered by the community and counting.
  • Hand animated over 1111 scenes for the first stage of animation, along with thousands more in progress for the next stages of merging.
  • Much more!

The Difficulties

  • Fair Launch Protocol and marketplace launch pads weren’t widely available at our time of mint, and we dealt with quite a few bots.
  • Many tried to scam Infinity Community members and team members out of SOL with fake DMs, links and impersonations.
  • Our record-breaking launch broke Solanart, which was the #1 marketplace at the time.
  • We saw a vast majority of liquidity exit the Solana NFT market as a whole:
  • We set an extremely ambitious timeline to launch merging by the end of the year and originally planned to use Metaplex’s upcoming fusion library for this, but realized it wouldn’t fit our use case so we needed to build everything from scratch.
  • We hand animated 1111 scenes one by one, effectively making each scene 1/1 artwork and not generative. There were days where some of our artists would do nothing but animate scenes for 16 hours straight.
  • We built a brand new merging protocol from scratch to fit our complex use case, and to try and get merging out earlier for our community, we needed to spread it across phases.
Infinity Scene #0215 featured as a battle stage for infinity holders in the Bitbrawl PVP game

Moving Forward

  • Introduce more explorers into the community and bring back a similar spirit from when we first launched.
  • Streamline our flow of information, especially for new members and holders to easily learn what our collection is all about and the many ways to get involved, from our discord to our updated roadmap and website.
  1. Art, we have created beautiful pieces that inspire.
  2. World-building, we have the most community-generated content across Solana.
  3. Engineering, we have some of the most talented full-time engineers in the ecosystem who built brand new protocols and handled the largest mint of all time.
  4. Great partners, builders ❤ builders.
  5. Passionate community members, especially those who love writing, world-building and art.
Infinity Scenes #0192, #0363, #0384 at the lookout bridge in

So What’s Next?

We will be investigating and experimenting with building high quality 3D assets inspired by ongoing community lore and Solverse scenes that people and projects can use and build utility off of. This could provide holders of Infinity Scenes added utility across the ecosystem, in addition to beautiful art.

Why Build 3D Assets based on the Solverse?

  1. Our idea is to experiment with bringing select components of the Solverse to life as a 3D asset over time in addition to animated scenes.
  2. “Picks and shovels” — As we mentioned, we are so early in the NFT ecosystem, and know that many games, metaverses and various projects may come and go / rise and fall over time. Hypothetically, 3D assets could potentially be integrated into these platforms.
  3. One of the biggest needs for games is more players and diverse communities, which via integrating infinity assets we can potentially help provide, in addition to helping you discover new experiences/communities/games in web3.
  4. With more assets comes more potential holders, and an influx of potential new community members to infinity.

Having beautiful art, great high quality assets and lore ready to use and build on top of, can create a cycle of building. This is our idea.

Community Spotlight: r/Solverse

WIP of a 3D game-ready sword from Scene #0838. Our hope is one day, we can potentially build a composable 3D scene, starting with magical items. There could be lots of potential for 3D assets based on the Solverse.

Mergers and 3D Infinity Assets

  • 2-Timeline merging: it’s out! Anyone who owns a 2-timeline merged scene can be eligible to claim to a next infinity asset.
  • 4-timeline merging: We originally aimed for an ambitious early 2022 release date for end of January, but don’t want to rush it. We will let everyone know once the animated artwork is 100% complete, and will only announce a launch date when it’s ready.
  • Anyone who owns a 4-timeline merged scene can also be eligible to claim a next infinity asset.

The Journey to Building Timeless Art



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Infinity Labs NFT

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